Growing up, Edric Arciaga has always been around cars and played with Hot Wheelz. His dad was into 90’s tuner cars and since then, he has always had an interest in cars. He was first into Corollas and entered himself into a few drift events where he found a greater interest in learning how to drift, like his friends.

Eventually, his dad, uncle, and friends started getting into the MK3 Supra’s. This got Edric into the JZ movement and his love for BOXY cars.

His grandfather, on the other hand, was into American Muscle cars. He had cars from Camero's, Chevelle's, and VW bugs, where Edric was able to tinker with. Edric said that it was a blessing to be around these cars even if they were cars that would just come and go.


Months before turning 16, Edric was given the keys to his first car given to him by his grandfather. This was a Honda S2000. Until this day, Edric is very grateful for the opportunity to attain this sport car at a young age. He spent night and day fixing this car with his father until it was working perfect.


His current project is building his drift car. Edric said “ Nothing beats the euphoric feeling when driving the car sideways!” This build is something else, and will blow a lot of people's minds. The chassis that he is using for this build is an R32 Skyline Sedan and he is building it's new motor that's a K24 Turbo. Yes, I said it right-- He is placing a K24 Turbo on his R32 Skyline.


My advice to people that are just starting their first project is to make sure that you do things right! Although sometimes trial and error is the only way to learn-- Don't go broke doing what you love!

Much love Edric!

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Patrick Castillo