FatSpec Spline Type 6 Bolt Quick Release (Universal)

FatSpec Spline Type 6 Bolt Quick Release (Universal)

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Spline type quick release will reduce the slop and play felt on worn out ball bearing lock style quick releases. There will transfer all of the energy from your steering wheel to your rack and pinion

Item Contents

1 Piece Spline Type Quick Release

1 Hardware Kit

Optional items

1 Raw Titanium Hardware Kit + $$

1 Burnt Blue Titanium Hardware Kit + $$

1 Gold Titanium Hardware Kit + $$


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This quick release was not designed to work with any short hubs, you will need to utilize a Boss, HKB, or Splash hub for this quick release to work properly. If you have a short hub, you will need a steering wheel spacer to make this set up work.

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Refund accepted within 15 days of purchase, the product should not been mounted or damaged.

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