Our business specializes in helping our customers move forward. By making it easier to get your tires changed by not having to miss work or call in sick or wait a long period of time at a shop. Do you ever order tires online and wonder where are you gonna get them installed? We bring the tire shop directly to your work or home. Save time and money today by calling us for a quick estimate. Specialize in tire installations and tire sales


2/24/2018 .

 5 star review on yelp

Excellent service!
Woke up to run errands this morning to find a flat tire. Contacted AR TIRE mobile @ 900 am and he arrived 30 minutes later. I was able to run my errands while he worked on the tires. Came home at 1015 am and the tire was already being mounted.  Convenient, fast, and friendly service.

These guys get it done. Great prices big smiles and amazing customer service. I called AR Mobile Tires late Thursday evening as I needed two brand new tires. They were able to come to my office in Palo Alto first thing friday morning to mount, balance, and install two brand new tires on my truck without me ever having to leave work. I’ll defenatly be doing business with them from now on.


5 star review on yelp

I scheduled a tire mounting from AR tire at my work place because i didn't have time to go to the shop and wait 2 hours for a set to get mounted. I watched Rhyss and Ardeine set up shop in a matter of minutes, and got to work! They mounted a set of tires on my wheels and balanced within 20 minutes. WITHOUT scratching my wheels. Prices was lower than a tire shop and they come to you! They definitely went above and beyond. For all the car guys, I highly recommend AR tire! book them on your drifting, autoX and track day events !

I don’t usually do reviews, but AR Tire is the best tire replacement service I have ever used, including going to a tire shop. I called them and set up an appointment for the next day after work, even after their closing time, and they were happy to come to my house to replace all four tires on my WRX. They gave me a great price on quality tires and replaced, balanced, and installed them in about 30 minutes. No fuss, friendly service and I never felt they cut any corners. Plus, they even installed them in the rain! Now that is great service and dedication. I am going to recommend them to all of my friends, especially the ones who love track days because they are experienced with working on ‘lower’ cars ;)

5 star review on yelp

Found a screw in my tire last night with no spare tire... Did I mention that it's also the weekend and there's not a lot of tire repair shops open, oh and somehow my car doesnt come with a spare tire. Then comes AR TIRE, made an appt last night for tire repair, and they said TODAY!!! Also, they're mobile so they came to my house...  Most important though, these guys properly fixed the flat tire in about half an hour. To round it up, AR TIRE knows stuff and highly recommended.

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Excellent service by AR Tire! They had me back on the road in 30 minutes for a great price in tires and will definitely be recommending them to my friends and family!
These guys are AWESOME! My car needed tires and I was out of town. I made an appointment and had new tires by the time I got back! No waiting at the tire shop, and the price was better than a tire shop!