Tire Facts

We are a family owned business and as our customers, we care about you and your families safety. We understand the unwary feeling of getting your car serviced by someone you are unfamiliar with, that is why we believe teaching our customers is our way to break that barrier and also keeping you guys safe on the road. We'd like to give you guys information about your vehicle(s) maintenance when we change, rotate and mount your tires.



There are different types of tires recommended based on your vehicle use and driving style. Here, we are going to talk about what tires you need for daily driving, off-roading, all terrain and many more. 


TIRE pressure

      Tire pressure is not only one of the key factors of safety driving, it is also one of the ways you can save a lot of money. Here, we are going to elaborate how to find your optimal tire pressure for your vehicle and safety information about our topic.



      Can I just get my tires mounted and not get it rotated? Yes! But it’s not safe and we do not recommend it. It may sound cheaper but long term, but long term it will cost you more since your vehicle is burning more thread. Find out more about Tire Rotation and ways to keep your tires from lasting longer by clicking the button below.  


Tire Alignment