Valino Tires

The name Valino comes from the combination of driving that is valiance and innovative. The founders and their team at Valino have worked with major racing tire manufacturers and have spent countless years in tire design.

...Compound developed with experienced well known champions of both D1 and FD Japan

- Naoki Nakamura

The goal of Valino is to provide motorsport racers and enthusiasts the perfect gear to compete with safety and confidence.


Greeva 08D 360

Valino has successfully created a stronger and longer lasting tire that is peel resistant. They innovated Greeva so drivers have more time in the playing field while maintaining the motorsports level of grip. Valino welcomes its users to the “tire you can use until the end”.

Grip for the Street and innovation in design

the greeva Tire was designed and tested in ebisu circuit. Drivers who tested these tires are from team Orange (naoto suenaga) and power vehicles (andrew Grey)

Our team noticed that the greeva isn’t as grippy as the pergea, but after asking adam at valino about the tire i found out that it still has 15% more grip than other 300TW, but also lasts as long as their competitors.

These Greeva’s have a deep Tread Depth of 12/32th and lastly the tread pattern is designed to handle extreme wheel speed conditions.

valino-sticker (2).png

Pergea 08R

The compound that the Pergea 08r has is amazing. It allows its drivers to have great control and consistent grip under extreme conditions. The innovative design it has doesn’t just aid in long lasting tire life, but also has great handling on wet surfaces.


Tire Design

  • Strong sidewalls : This provides stiffer anti-roll suspension feel and gives a better response for its users.

  • Wide center channels : Provides better water and heat dispersion

  • Flat contact patch and deeper tread depth(12/32th vs 8/32th) :

  • Gives the tire more contact to the ground but also adds tire life reduction of straight edges on tread pattern to help reduce tire wear.

  • It also has a tire indicator line that will help the users feedback to their tire life.

Valino Tire Selections